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A Promise of Mischief

Book 1 of The Bohemian Monastarie of Faerie


"There was a time when I used to be proud of being a Faerie. Now, not so much. I think I will hide the ends of my ears that finish in a crisp point and stoop when I walk and let my eyes turn from a pretty swirling green to a sludgy black.  I am quite sad about it all Ib. One tear might bring forth a flood so I’ll not hazard a single squirt in case we are all washed away in the aftermath for I am not one for swimming and neither I think are you.”

– The Good Faerie Jasper Wintergreen commonly heard to lament at the loss of Old Faerie.


Isabella and Ludwig Elmsby, who have no memory of the time they were stolen to Faerie in their youth, begin to have strange and troubling remembrances. Their parents are keeping the truth from them, they are sure of it.


They team up with two young novice monks, Alisanne and Ashbury from The Bohemian Monastarie of Faerie, a learning institution dedicated to Faerie Lore, to rid The Middle Counties and The Wild South of The Darkling Faeries who have not only begun to take over their homeland but have cruelly stolen Isabella’s fiancé Leopold and have taken him To The Faerie Archives in The Darkvales as their captive. 


The Dark Faerie Prince is bent on revenge - But for good reason.

There are some cows missing too of course, for as we all know, Faeries are rather fond of milk.

Will The Locket of Sister Elisabeth and a battered old enchanted violin be any use at all to Isabella and Ludwig?  What of Captain Tremaine and the mysterious Book? Is it of Twistitch or Glenleavor?  Who will The Withering Ache strike next?  What sort of fellow is Swinkley the coachman? And what does Leyla the Seeing Seer really know of the children’s past in Fiskworth?  Do the Vigilant Monks of The Bohemian Monastarie of Faerie beyond The Enchanted Woods of Weskerlee know anything at all? 

The villagers of The Wild South certainly hope so, otherwise, all is lost. 


Hide your Crimple Pudding - The Faeries are coming!


If you are an agent or publishing house and would like to see the full manuscript please contatct me via email.  I would love to hear from you.