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Avantia Rising

the first of the consular adventures


Saphrin Mol has lost her memory.  After waking up in her damaged space craft The Leifid and finding out that her only friend is the SV14 onboard computer they are both forced into a crash landing on Avantia Blue.

She is befriended by Camlin and together they head for Avantia Prime in search of clues and answers that will help Saphrin discover not only who she is but where she was going and why.

Camlin may not be who he says he is.  There is trouble brewing between the Avantians and the Plentorians who both believe one invaded the other during their turbulent past and there are two Royal Princesses to save.  Aren't there always?

What will she do when she finally finds out the truth?  One little adventure will turn into one even bigger one whether Saphrin likes it or not.

Book 1 in The Consular Adventure Series.