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Be Still My Thumping Undead Heart

The First Gabrielle Von Sfitzengloom Tale


April 1897 Transylvania: I am Gabrielle Von Sfitzengloom.  The orphan vampyre.  The Sftiz means nothing but I will confess to being rather gloomy.  There is a mark on my bottom which looks quite like The Sigil of Dracul but as I can’t see myself in the mirror I just cannot be certain and I won’t let anyone else but a select few take a peek. 


I am lonely in Transylvania for most of the vampyres have been chased off or worse.  Having decided to head to London to brighten my spirits, unexpectedly, on an afternoon walk, I accidentally rescue Jonathan Harker from Castle Dracula.  I am confusingly befriended by Abigail Van Helsing who is a vampyre hunter of all things, and confession time, I think I have fallen in love with her, and we follow the trail of Count Dracula to England whilst being pursued by his rather angry brides whom we upset before we left the castle. 


I have erotic thoughts of the love that might be in my future and everywhere else, for the slightest thing may me give hot flushes, but I find sadly that I am caught in a moral quandary as I need to feed but find I am not too fond of killing and would replace it with more kissing if I could restrain myself from biting.

A whimsical and mildly erotic tale of a pretty young vampyre girl looking for love in all of the wrong places.  Will she find it where she least expects?