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Trials & Tribulations

The First Verity Dashwood Misadventure

1887. Verity Dashwood, adventurer of exotic climes and other places of mysterious significance, finds herself made an offer she just cannot refuse. Queen Victoria is not content with dominion over half the globe and The British Empire’s demand for more reaches to the stars for it’s next conquest.


Lady Devonshire, secretly conspiring against Ministry and Industrialist oppression, enlists the help of Verity Dashwood much to her surprise, to act as her representative in secret and rather delicate negotiations about to take place in New Bristol.


Sent off-world for the first time in her life and thrown together with an old flame for whom she will confess if put to it that a fire still smoldered in less than appropriate places, she find new friends, makes some very angry enemies and tries her best not to upset her sister Veronica anymore than she has already has.


For you see Verity’s old beau, Captain Sebastian Wilkinson of Her Royal Highness’s Ninth Motorized Engineering Dragoons, is her sister’s fiance. And Verity may still be in love with him although she is hesitant to admit it.


It’s a sticky situation.


What’s a girl to do when she starts falling into a love she has already fallen out of? Has been set a near impossible mission that everyone agrees just possibly cannot succeed and finds herself desperately trying to not only win back a love she had given up for lost but uncover a plot by a mysterious foe that not only has big implications for The British Empire but for the entire human race itself.


Verity hopes to come up with a tolerable plan, and quickly. Forced to rely on the very things she fears, she must trust to herself, to others she is mostly suspicious of, and to love. For it conquers all she hopes.